With its strong presence in 190 countries, UNICEF is the world's leading advocate for children.

Is there a greater happiness than saving children’s lives? UNICEF works on the case. For the past 69 years UNICEF fights in purpose to help more and more children. Although we have a long way ahead us, we can proudly state that UNICEF is that kind of organization who could rescue the most children. Inspite all of this, 16.000 children dies daily because of preventable reasons: The lack of appropriate aliment, drinkable water, or because they don’t have the opportunity to get medicine.

UNICEF believes that the day will come when none of the children die because of preventable reasons. It’s not an unreachable dream. From 500 ft UNICEF can guarantee one severely underfed child’s daily proportion of drinkable water, food and medicine. We know the answer, and thanks to our volunteers we get a little bit closer to our goals day by day. In this way we thank our founders that they believe in us and in children’s future.

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